Apr 21, 2021

People, the heart of Lontana Group, Naiara García, Human Resources Director of Lontana Group

The heartbeat of Lontana Group is generated by people. A young, inclusive, international team that creates value with values and transmits knowledge and culture with a sense of pride of belonging.

Together and placing people and their security in the first place, we have passed the year 2020 full of unbelievable challenges, where the key to success has been adaptive capacity. Thanks to it we have been able to maintain involvement, initiative and enthusiasm and today we continue looking ahead with optimism and decision.

With this forward-thinking approach, one of the initiatives within the framework of the Executive Plan for the Management of People is to work on the image of Lontana Group as an employer brand, for the purpose of being perceived as what we are, a great place to work. For that purpose we have defined the attributes characterising us as a Group, what we ARE:

  • “We are international and keep a sustainable growth”.
  • “We are good people”.
  • “We are learning and development”.
  • “We are a great place to work”.

In the same way, we will continue focused on the development of people and on supporting our team and encouraging internal promotion. In Lontana Group we value human capital as one of our key assets and the commitment of the team is essential to build Group leadership, strength and growth.

The introduction in society of our new corporate identity provides new opportunities to make us known consistently and honestly, both internally and externally, loyal to our principles, showing all our values, attributes and potentialities. Trust in people and long-term vision have been our main signs of identity in our over 70 years of history.

BECAUSE AS A GROUP, WE ARE STRONGER, let’s go for 70 years of success!

Naiara García | Human Resources Director. | Lontana Group