Apr 21, 2021

As a Group, we are stronger, Felipe Villaño, Lontana Group CEO

Good morning,

I am glad to have the opportunity to address you in such a special day.

Our Group is currently made up of over 950 people, we are present in over 100 countries, we have 12 distribution centres and we exceed the figure of 13,000 active clients all over the world.

We have been able to reach these records thanks to the daily contribution of each of us, a contribution that is markedly characterised by our values, of which we must feel very proud.

In recent years, the Group’s positioning has grown with the joining of our forces wherever we fulfil our activity. Our achievements include being able to use multiple synergisms in clients and suppliers, strengthening mutual support in our companies, integrating processes in centres located more than 10,000 km from each other, and developing cross-cutting strategies for the different business lines.

I am entirely convinced that this sense of unity has allowed us to cope better with our journey in this time of great uncertainty as a result of the pandemics we are living.

Therefore, we have created a new corporate identity and have decided to make it public today. Under the motto “As a group, we are stronger”, we want to highlight the major importance of having a strong team spirit, not only as a guarantee to keep our achievements to date, but also as a lever for a successful future.

I hope we will all continue contributing our great enthusiasm for strengthening this feeling and I wish you the best.


Felipe Villaño | CEO | Lontana Group