Apr 21, 2021

Presentation of the new corporate image, Koldo Cámara, Marketing Director of Lontana Group

Our corporate identity is the image we project about us, our calling card, and covers very wide aspects, from the values it transmits to the logotype itself.

The launch of this new corporate identity, Lontana Group, will bring significant benefits to all of us:

  • Strengthening of our brand and the trust our clients place on us.
  • Reinforcing our value as a company group to the market and of each and every one of our brands.
  • Being recognised and remembered more easily.
  • Distinguishing ourselves more and better from the competition.
  • Feeling even prouder of belonging to a large group and being part of a large forward-looking project.

This is not only a logotype change. It is much more than that:

  • The integration of Lontana Group brand into all logotypes of companies, thus enhancing its competitiveness.
  • The launch of the new corporate website, “lontanagroup.com”, that will be an attractive presentation and information window for anyone who wants to know who we are and what we offer.
  • The creation of our corporate LinkedIn profile, as a means to approach the greatest community of professionals and businesses through the social networks.
  • The publication of a new corporate video as an audiovisual element to describe our company’s project, our culture, our shared values. A small communication pill for a better identification with the group, an image that shows what we are to its full extent.

Let’s have a look at these novelties:

Lontana Group logotype

Lontana image has been used in recent years for different in-house communications. 

Starting today, in addition to including the word GROUP in all its versions, it will play a more important role in the different Group actions developed both internally and externally.

Lontana Group in companies

True to the motto “As a Group we are stronger” and with the aim of reinforcing group identity externally, we include the brand “Lontana Group” in the logotypes of our companies.

New website – lontanagroup.com

This new tool is one of the key pillars of the launch project, and is developed under three main criteria:

  • Being a source of information for Lontana Group employees.
  • Being a showcase to future professionals who want to join our Group.
  • and Being a calling card for the different stakeholders.

Corporate video

The new corporate video is a perfect tool for group presentation since, as it is done with animations, voice-overs and theme music, it is achieved that messages reach people more naturally, visually and attractively and, therefore, get attention better.

This new video has been produced thanks to the commitment, the time and in particular the smiles of all participants. Thanks to you we have been able to show what we are and the values that characterise us.

You can see it through our website or our YouTube channel.


We have created Lontana Group corporate profile in LinkedIn with the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the Group brand through dissemination of news.
  • Enhancing the visibility to the different stakeholders.
  • and Communicating new job opportunities.

All companies have created their profiles associated with that of Lontana Group. I invite you to update your LinkedIn profile indicating the group company where you work, as well as to become followers of the new corporate account.

We have made a great effort and we have put great enthusiasm in this initiative that from today sets the start for a future in which, as in our logotype, we are all important in that shared universe.



Koldo Cámara | Director de marketing | Lontana Group