At Lontana Group we work on the implementation of sustainable strategies in each of these three areas that guarantee:

Environmental protection within our possibilities.
Social cohesion and development, promoting an adequate quality of life at work.
Economic growth and increasing profitability through ethics and good practices.

Environmental sphere

At Lontana Group we are concerned about our environment. For this reason, we establish a series of behavioural guidelines aimed at preventing or reducing the environmental impact that we may have in our daily work environment.

Use of water

Waste management

Responsible energy

Social development

Health and safety at work

All of us at the Lontana Group must pay special attention to the prevention of occupational hazards, with daily actions aimed at eliminating the risks that may arise in the performance of our tasks, considering it essential to nurture a culture that keeps safety at work alive.

At Lontana Group we have defined a protocol for investigating possible situations of harassment at work aimed at protecting the dignity and health of the people who work in the organisation.

Protocol for the Investigation of Harassment Conduct

Diversity, equality and inclusion

For Lontana Group it is essential to promote a transparent working environment, based on respect, diversity and personal and professional development, incorporating policies that promote equal opportunities.

The Group has a young, inclusive and internationalised workforce, and its global activity means that, among the Group’s more than 1,000 employees, there are more than 20 nationalities.

Learning and development

At Lontana Group we invest more than 20,000 hours a year in training 100% of the Group’s employees.

Not only do we provide technical training to cover the specific needs of the different areas, but we also develop our own training, our core training. It is transversal for all of us who make up the Lontana Group and is the basis of our corporate culture.

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Ethical commitment and good governance

The principles of action and guidelines for behaviour in the Code of Ethical Conduct are applicable to the directors, managers and staff of the Lontana Group. All persons linked to the Lontana Group are obliged to know and comply with the Code of Ethical Conduct and to collaborate in its implementation and effectiveness.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Regulatory Compliance Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy

Shareholders and stakeholders

Información no financiera


Non-financial information Statement


Non-financial information Statement


Non-financial information Statement

Corporate Governance


Annual Corporate Governance Report


Annual Corporate Governance Report


Annual Corporate Governance Report