Oct 14, 2022


How do we support newcomers to get to know the house from the inside?

Those of us who form part of the Lontana family are a fundamental part of the whole process so that it works and continues to move forward. And, to experience this from the very first moment, what better than to share a day of welcome so that you can see and understand better what we are like and why we like to be like this?

On 29 September in Larrabetzu (Bizkaia), several of the Group’s new employees from the centres in Bizkaia, Logroño, Barcelona and Valencia met and got to know each other.  A rainy and humid day in which the first thing to do was to have a good breakfast and start connecting and chatting.

We had a busy agenda ahead of us that included finding out more about the origins of the company, our history, and who we are today, what we do in the different areas, what our objectives are, the values that drive our day-to-day work and what the people who make up the Lontana Group are like.

Felipe Villaño, CEO of the Group, gave a warm welcome at the beginning of the day and presented to the group his vision of the personal characteristics that make the difference, those that support us in achieving personal and professional success.

Through dynamics, laughter, presentations and talks, we got to know the culture of the company, its origins and its values. We took the first steps to get to know each other better and to begin to feel an important part of this family, the Lontana family, which continues to grow.

A break in the programme to have lunch together and regain strength before visiting the facilities and meeting up with colleagues from the three work centres located in Bizkaia, and thus being able to see in-situ some of what we had been talking about in the morning.

The people in charge of these visits explained and showed the ins and outs of each centre. To the amazement of the listeners at some of the processes and facilities, the people in charge answered the questions and curiosities that arose from the group.

The day was coming to an end and the new members of the Lontana family were able to record how important the day had been for them and how it had helped them to discover interesting and useful information, feeling important within the company and proud to belong to it. Their comments attested to this:

“The fact that I got to know the business group to which I belong in more depth has left me open-mouthed, I was unaware of its magnitude and the truth is overwhelming, it is fortunate to belong to the Lontana Group”.

“I found it to be a very good initiative in which, in addition to getting to know the different work centres, the history of the group, colleagues and the business at close quarters… I noticed above all a very good atmosphere and that interest in people that is so important at Lontana Group”.

“Very good initiative to create pride of belonging, to convey the importance of values and to foster a culture of perseverance within the Group”.

Video of the day

Thank you for being part of this first welcome day and welcome! We are glad to have each and every one of you and that you are already part of, as we like to say, the good people that make up the Lontana Group.

Because at Lontana Group, we like what we do, so we do it well.