Apr 28, 2022


Today, 28 April is World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and at Lontana Group we want to do our bit by focusing on the concept of the LINE OF FIRE 🔥🔥, with the aim of recognising this situation, identifying the danger, being alert and being able to act safely.

What does the concept of “Line of fire” mean?
◾ Being within the working area or turning radius of heavy machinery.
◾ Being under or in the swing area of suspended loads.
◾ Passing under levels where work is being carried out.
◾ Using tools without PPE or without the appropriate PPE.
◾ Being in the reach area of cut, strike or entrapment risk.

Never expose yourself to the line of fire. 📛

PreventionOfOccupationalRisks #PRL

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