Mar 8, 2023

We are Lontana. Leire Cengotita-Bengoa Operations department

We know that this is not a matter of one day.

And even more so in a particularly male-dominated sector such as industry.

Today in #SomosLontana, we talk to Leire Cengotita-Bengoa, from the Operations team of @Lotanagroup. With her experience we want to give visibility and thank all women who, like her, do not set limits for themselves and are paving the way in areas where equality is still far from being achieved.

“I think it is an area where there is a lot of professional development. There are already several of us in the group in these positions and I am sure there will be more.”

We hope that her message will encourage many women to join a profession that offers many possibilities for development, a commitment that we at @Lontana Group will continue to work on.

Because “As a group, we are stronger”.