Corporate culture

  • The Group is made up of professionals who achieve their goals and prepare themselves for new challenges.
  • We pass on knowledge and share information.
  • We are honest and trustworthy people and we are true to our Values.
  • We work hard, knowing that we can count on the contributions and efforts of all of our staff.

A great place to work

  • We encourage a safe culture in which we all look after each other.
  • We enjoy what we do and that’s why we are known for our good working environment.
  • We act with transparency and closeness in a mutually respectful climate.
  • We know that by keeping in good spirits we will work well as a team and develop good relationships.

Learning and development

  • We provide continuous learning opportunities, investing more than 43.000 hours each year in training and development -internal and externally- for all of the people that form part of this Group.
  • We encourage every employee to reach their full potential.
  • We encourage our staff to assume both group and individual responsibilities in keeping with our rate of growth.
  • We use advanced management tools and methods.


  • We are establishing an environmental management system within the Group’s comprehensive management plan.
  • We are implementing procedures to control and minimise the amount of waste generated.
  • We promote the use of materials, processes and practices that prevent contamination.
  • We encourage the reasonable use of resources by raising awareness and providing internal training.
  • We fulfil the environmental commitment established with our clients.

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